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Article From Chinese Teas 101

The 10 Best Bubble Tea Spots in Portland

Mojo Crepes is a simple yet distinctive spot that blends Asian street food influences into its offerings. The brainchild of childhood pals Mo and Jon, this establishment began its journey in 2009 after the duo’s fascination with Japanese crepes turned into entrepreneurship.

Source @mojocrepes on Instagram

Their menu features a variety of Japanese crepes known for their authentic fillings. Additionally, they serve Asian fusion hot dogs, with the Mojo Dog being a notable mention. Beyond the solid food lineup, Mojo Crepes also delves into the realm of Taiwanese bubble teas. From straightforward milk teas to popping boba, there’s a range to explore for those familiar or new to bubble tea.

The ambiance inside is relaxed. There’s a hint of music in the background, and an adjoining pool room offers a different kind of activity for those interested. If you’re in the vicinity and have a penchant for trying a mix of Asian street food flavors, Mojo Crepes is a spot to consider.


  • They craft some of the finest crepes in town.

  • The staff is kind and patient, even when busy.

  • Variety in the menu, including fusion dogs, which have a few fans.

  • Some items, like the Mojo Dog, receive consistent praise.

  • Large store space.

  • Fast and friendly service.

  • Offers fun amenities like a pool hall and arcade games.

  • The atmosphere is often described as good for hangouts, dates, and meetups.

  • The establishment offers unique and refreshing drink options.


  • Limited seating inside.

  • Parking can be challenging due to its location off a busy road.

  • The store can occasionally get very busy with potential long wait times.

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