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When something’s that good, you either hide it or share it with the rest of the world. For childhood friends Mo and Jon, a chance encounter with a Japanese crepe was just that. One taste inspired these friends to bring a relatively unknown dessert back to their hometown of Portland, OR. Over the next year, Mo and Jon built a storefront from the ground up--literally--laying down one floor tile at a time. In October 2009, Mojo Crepes opened its doors to share delicious Japanese crepes with their community. Over a decade later, Mojo Crepes is a neighborhood staple known for extending its foodie love to Japanese crepes, Asian fusion hot dogs, and Taiwanese bubble tea.


Food brings people together. Our passion is to serve hand crafted, Asian street food as odes to our multicultural upbringing and community.



To become Portland’s favorite spot for snacks and desserts to new and loyal customers alike.

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